Wisdom is a Woman With Wings

I once heard a wise, older woman say, “You can get all the knowledge in the world, but only time will give you wisdom.”

Ah yes, aging.

As a woman of a certain age here’s what I’ve learned so far …

Aging is an inside game. Play it with gusto!  

The journey into old age can be a profoundly spiritual one, full of mystery and surprises. After all, when mortality sits on your shoulder, aging becomes your greatest reminder. You stop messing around and you tell your beloveds just how beloved they are.

Love like there is no tomorrow

You now love in a way you did not know was even possible when you were young. You love your dear ones not in spite of their flaws, but rather, because they are so exquisitely flawed and wonderfully human. You know your own shortcomings, and you can even love that because by now you know full well, you are comedy and tragedy, blinding light and soft shadows, windy days and still nights… you’ve learned that opposites play off of you creating perfect symmetry of sorts.

Laugh and cry, deeply

Your laughter springs from the depths of your being, your losses come from there too, in fact your losses are what gives you your depths. You weep because you’ve been touched tenderly by beautiful souls while simultaneously being smacked around by life itself.  You laugh because you know everything and everyone is intricately connected.

Spreading joy, you finally realize, is one of your most important jobs.

You got wings

After a while, in your age, you begin to grow wings. (Seriously) You may not notice it at first, because you may feel invisible… but age liberates you in a way you could only dream of when you were younger.

 Once you realize you got wings all you have to do is fold them around your life to keep what is important close to your heart. You know you can fly if you want to, and your fellow travelers, aged ones themselves,  are like crows; intelligent, witty, full of life, hanging around looking for the next adventure and you realize, there isn’t much that can ruffle your feathers anymore…and you sigh, a long cosmic exhale, because now you know that sister-age can be your best friend, I mean really, it’s entirely up to you. 

Aging, my dear SweetArts, is an inside job and the way I see it...Wisdom is a Woman with Wings.