When Tulips Dream


 Thoughts of spring and ruminations on the secret mysteries buried beneath the soil (where dreams incubate all winter long) is what inspired this painting.
The process of winter turning into spring is a lot like the painting process. 

My paintings always starts with a sketch. Just a hint of possibilities, like the way things start to look just as the snow begins to recede.

The background is painted.

It can take a full day and a half  to get a decent background onto the canvas. Like spring, it will not be rushed.

 When the subject starts to appear, the light comes rushing in and the canvas begins to shake with potential...

Until suddenly, all spring breaks loose and color splashes onto the scene. My palette fills with vibrant hues while color takes center stage.  
 And finally...we have a work of art! 

Hope Springs Eternal here in the land of the north winds. 
I can feel the light of spring just beyond the horizon. Over there...some where...
Are you feeling it too? 
It's a celebration, is it not?