Upon Reflection

Exploring the Territory of Abstract Landscape.

To trek along the path of paint and to dare to go creatively where I’ve never been before, was not an easy endeavor for  a painter who spent the last few years learning the craft of painting realism. I knew as soon as I moved into my new studio that I needed to explore new realms. So I plunged into the depths of the unknown and loosened my grip on the paintbrush.

My mantra became, “Let It Flow.” I said it over and over.                    

I found myself wanting to veer into the lane of realism and then would pulled myself back.

“Let it flow.” I said.

I changed up the color pallet, worked on large canvas paper with squirt bottles and large brushes and turned the music on high.

“Let it flow.”

I made a huge ugly mess.

“Let it flow.”

I let my 3 foot by 3 foot canvas monstrosity sit on my wall for a night. Ick! It was dreadful.  

I could barely stand it. Next morning I wanted to procrastinate but, oh no, I didn’t dare. I made myself face that terrible thing and I kept at it.

Then, like magic, a horizon line made itself known and then fire, water, wood and light appeared.

I stepped back, it had my attention now and I was listening with all my might.

This painting titled, Upon Reflection is the result of me not giving up. It’s one of my favorite paintings to date. I learned whenever I commit to a painting, the Muse always turns up.  I may have to lure her in different ways ( I often have to prove my mettle and stay through an atrocious start of a painting) but stay I must and see it through to the end.

Painting teaches me everything about life. Everything.