Up Hill Moon

Up Hill Moon

Acrylic on Canvas 12x12

I was cruising Facebook this morning when I came across a sponsored post asking if I would like to learn how to “bring my best self to live Facebook video.” Right beneath the headline it said: “Don’t want to look old on camera? Click here.”

Sheesh, like looking old is the WORSE thing that could ever happen to any of us.

Really? REALLY?

You know how cool it is to be older? If you take care of yourself and have survived the slings and arrows of life’s misfortunes, you get to be old. You get to look in the mirror, smile and give yourself a thumbs-up and say with upmost sincerity …”Way to go Sweetheart, you’re still vertical!” You’re a warrior, a brave Nobel who walks the planet knowing that, with every wrinkle and gray hair, the world is your oyster and you, my dear aging one, are the lustrous pearl growing within.

So here’s Up Hill Moon. Like a pearl in the sky… www.janhcroteau.com Where Every Painting Tells A Story