The Morning Lark

Right around Christmas last year I knew I had to change something, but what? I wanted to shake things up, get my head into a new way of thinking... grab a hold of something new.

So, here’s what I did.

I took my night-owl-habit of painting late into the evening hours, and traded it for a morning–lark-habit of getting up early. Anyone who knows me knows that this was a drastic change.

However, everybody I’ve ever talked with who is a roaring success in life has one thing in common, they get up early. And anything I read about early-morning-habits confirmed it, the saying, “Win the morning, win the day” is the universal knowledge of the highly successful.

So, I thought, what have I got to lose? Why not give it a try?


First, the inner opposition. The negative voice inside my head was sneakier then the leader of the French Resistance during WWII.

It started in a reasonable tone … “How will you get your required hours of solitude if you don’t get them at night?”

And then the voice got more demanding and said… “You’ve never been very alert in the morning and getting up early will only make it worse!”

And then the sneaky voice pointed out, “Won’t you need a big-old-nap in the afternoon to get through the day?”

But the voices were wrong… so very, very wrong. (Be careful of those negative voices in your head. Give them any latitude and they’ll ruin your whole show.)

On the day after Christmas, I got up at 5:00 am.

Oh my word. That was unimaginable in my previous life of the day before.

And guess what?  

It changed everything.

Now I’m hooked, so hooked. Really, I can’t get over it. My work has improved, my outlook has changed, my creativity increased (I’ll tell you more about this later this week) and I’ve not missed one early morning since Dec. 26.

I so get what the Morning Larks have been chirping about all these years. And now that I watch each morning birth itself out of the darkness I’m renewed daily.

So, here’s to making good changes, Sweet Arts.

May your days be filled with inspiration no matter what time you rise.  As for me, I’m just over here grooving on something most of you have known for decades…the early Morning Lark is always ready to greet us with a cheerful song and when she does, I’m now awake and ready for the gig to begin.

Happy Spring to all!