The Creative Journey

Artist Reality

I know, a bit of an oxymoron, artist/ reality, but here’s the deal.

We artists are crazy for a reason.

The creative journey is grueling and terrifying and fabulous all wrapped into one wild, colorful package.

Contrary to popular belief, artists do not drink from an overflowing cup of inspiration, oh no, as a matter of fact, most artists can’t even find that blasted cup until the most inopportune times, and of course, it’s never when we’re standing at the easel with paint brush in hand.

Nope. We walk around thirsty, absent mindedly looking for the cup and when we find it we’re ecstatic!

We work long hours. No kidding.

We’ll stand at our easel starting at 8:00 in the morning and, other than a couple of bathroom breaks, we’re still there come 6:00 at night wondering why the heck we feel so light-headed.

We are business people, yep, really.

After we fill our canvas with expression and we photograph it, we upload it onto our site, write a littly ditty about it, post it on every social media outlet we can think of and then compose a blog.

Oh yes, and, least I forget, there’s the newsletter. They have to come out regularly. They have to be just the right tone, and we have to keep growing our list which can prove trickier than growing a banana tree in the wilds of Siberia. 

We love to make sales.


We’re so excited when we sell our work we run out and buy a bag of chips and a bottle of sparkling water and a couple of tubes of new paint and drive back to the studio to start the whole process all over again.

 Believe me, Sisyphus and his hardship on the hill, has nothing on us. We know how to celebrate grueling, terrifying, fabulous!

We’re called Creative Entrepreneurs which is code for Bat-Shit-Crazy People who live to create something out of nothing and on most days we LOVE it.

Like I said, we artists are crazy for a reason.

Our minds are no longer ours, but rather the real estate of the muse who toys with us incessantly. We are tired and exhilarated all at the same time.

We’re obsessed, and driven, and I for one, would not trade this wild, terrifying trip for any other journey, because of this… this one thing… every canvas I paint is a marker along the road of my journey which symbolizes everything that I’ve loved in life.

Whether it’s an simple apple at dusk or a wild landscape that I dreamed up in my head, I’ve been in a constant state of awe since I started painting.

Art has given me the eyes to find the beauty in everything I examine closely.  And that makes the whole living-life-as-a-creative-journey-thing so very, very meaningful.