When things got wild

Sometimes Things Get A Little Wild 

This painting jumped off my pine-needle-brush with promise, but then, the process got wild.

Really, it was such a mess. 

So, I stopped to give it some breathing room.

The next day I thought... It's going to take a real commitment to paint my way out of this." 

I wanted to tear-it-up. 

And then I thought... Wait, why don't I make this painting the best of the series?

I pulled out all the stops, just went for it, because I knew I couldn't possibly make it any worse. 

And then Ta-Da!
While I was embracing all the wildness, the image appeared...like magic.

So here you go. I call it Epiphany...The Great Aha! Moment.

It's kind of like mothering a child...at times your whole mothering-style seems to be a big mess... it's like everything has gone wild... and then you turn and embrace the wilderness that is motherhood and Ta-Da!

Your child does something astounding and you go...Huh.

Happy Mother's Day, SweetArts!