So...Picture this

So...Picture this. 

A few months ago, I added an online class to my website called “Unleash Your Creative Genius” a course in how to get back in touch with your creative side.

So, picture this.

An exuberant six-year-old-grandson who loves art, who always asks to watch me paint, who spends all his visiting-time in my studio creating, who says to me yesterday…

 “Mimi, I want to watch you paint an abstract.”

“Um, okay” I say.

I go over to the large canvas I have hanging on my wall and open my paint box, unscrew the tops of paint tubes and start on a new abstract. Before I know it, he’s standing quietly next to me as fully absorbed in the process as I am.

Suddenly I turn, fill a brush with paint and hand it to him.

“Go for it, my little genius.”

His face lights up like neon.

He climbs into the painting with me, he chooses interesting color combinations and sprays water all over the canvas to get the paint to drip down. OMG…he even wipes his brush off on the rag hanging over the easel just like I do.

We are both humming away, my joy level increases exponentially. Then we have to let it dry.

I get up next morning and realize that this is OUR painting. We have to finish it together. That my grandson doesn’t need to unleash his creative genius. He’s already there, so bold and confident.

He can’t wait when I tell him the next day after school, he has to help me finish the painting! I’m saving it for him…and me…to finish together. “A true collaboration.” I tell him.

And then I say… “If you keep painting, even when you’re all grown up, you’ll always be happy.” He smiles, big and broad. I feel like I just planted a seed.

He’s coming back tomorrow morning so we can keep working on this beauty.

This is only the first layer… we got a ways to go, but I have to tell you, it is some-kind-of-wonderful when you get to create next to a six year old creative genius…and that’s what my course is all about.

Unleashing Your Own Creative Genius, the one that has lived inside you since you were six-years-old.

I’ll keep you posted as to our progress.

In the mean-time… go ahead…Unleash Your Creative Genius here on the website.  Click on Creativity Class   It’s really fun and affordable!