New Worlds

New paintings always excite me. I tend to ruminate on something and then, before long, it comes through my brush to inform me of its presence.

I’ve been thinking lately about new worlds, and that our human imagination may ultimately be the only thing that can save us... and then I read this this article online, by Chris Hedges at Truthdig, called Time For Sublime Madness.

Mr. Hedges starts his essay by saying, “The planet we have assaulted will convulse with fury.” Well now, that sets a bleak stage, but let’s not kid ourselves, our planet is imperil.

Hedges sites the people in history who have steered themselves and others to a safer place, by using their imaginations.

He goes on to write… “It is only those who can retreat into the imagination, and through their imagination can minister to the suffering of those around them, who uncover the physical and psychological strength to resist.”

With this in mind, I worked on this newest painting. I worked to capture the imagination in process.

I wanted to illustrate the way it feels when we imagine our way to a healthier place... how new worlds open up and epiphanies strike… how the bleakness of life can be suddenly colored with a strong dose of hope and love.

You can call it Sublime Madness, or Big Magic, or Sheer Lunacy, but whatever you do, please keep imagining, SweetArts.

And then act. Act like you’ve never acted before. Take one corner of the world and imagine it full of light, then act on it and show the world your divine imagination, God knows, we need your creative genius now more than ever.

So, here’s to creating a new world, already existing within your brilliant selves. Together we can imagine our way to a healthier, more aware and loving place, then, take action and create against the destruction.