Moth To The Light


She landed on the artichoke just as I finished the drawing. The sun poured through the studio window and this wild, precious moth fluttered across the room and landed, as if to say, this is my globe. Of course I had to add her to the drawing, I’m not completely blind! Good grief, one thing I know for sure… when nature talks, I listen.

She was in no hurry. She just closed her wings as if she had fallen into an ancient insect-trance and stood still.

Sheesh, she looked so perfect and really, this drawing is nothing without her. Later that night (that hot summer night)  I dreamed of her. No kidding, she came to me and said in her lovely moth-like voice, “Do you know you are the light you are seeking?”

That is the night I realized that I’m not creating my art work, but rather, the work is creating me; one painting, one drawing, one essay at a time.