Make Mine With Onions

Chef, Mario Batali wrote, “…food is part of the fabric of our days.” I agree.  Healthy food is like a good strong cotton or nubby-linen backdrop to everything else that goes on in the foreground. Every morning we have to think, what am I going to make, bake, cook or buy every few hours until I sleep again? Sheesh, with a need like that you may as well turn it into an art. 

That’s what gardening does. It turns that daily need into a seasonal art practice that will keep you in a state of wonder and delight for many months of the year.

When you grow food yourself, vegetables and fruits become the tapestry of life. Every little thing that comes out of the garden and goes into our mouths is a magnificent taste treat of the highest order. And it does not end there. Just look at these glorious wonders we call fruits and vegetables. I love the beauty of an onion. I love how strong it is when I slice it into wedges and the way it disappears into my soup. It’s like the sturdy cotton fabric, except when we grow it ourselves that utilitarian onion turns to a beautiful smooth, sensuous silk.