How To Create When You Have Absolutely No Time

Okay, I’m going to get right to the point.

We don’t need hours of uninterrupted time to create something, we just need consistency.
You might want to read that last sentence again...

One of the biggest blocks we throw in front of our creativity is the notion that we don’t have time. Hey, I’ve done it, plenty, but here’s what I’ve learned…

If you devote as little as ten minutes a day to create something, you will be 70 minutes into a project by the end of your first week. And, believe me, you'll be happier, healthier and more alive then you were a week earlier.

Every busy person on the planet has at least 10 minutes they can carve out of their day. (Just put down that phone for ten minutes and give your Creative Spirit a chance to shine.)

This is HUGE. Life changing, really. Look at this. .............................................................................................

When I had a full-time job, two young kids, and was helping with my husband’s business, I wrote a book. 

I wrote that little monkey in one summer.     

I got up 30 minutes early each morning and typed. I started with a rough outline that took me three 30-minute sessions to construct. Then I moved on to writing one chapter, under each heading, for one week. I started a new chapter each Monday morning.

By the end of the summer I had my book written. (Oh yeah, it still needed editing, but that manuscript was a solid first draft.)

I had intended to give it to teachers in our local public schools, for free, but after reading it, my sister-in-law convinced me to send it to a publisher and I thought, why not?

I wrote to two publishers with a cover letter and sample chapters and before I knew what was happening, it was getting published.

I used the book advance to go back to college, a dream I’d held close to my heart since the day I left school 24 years earlier. And, of course, that changed a lot of things for me and opened doors to new opportunities.

All that with just 30 minutes each morning for writing.

Once I realized I could literally change the trajectory of my life with 30 minutes a day, I was hooked!

Another time, I had only TEN minutes a day.

I was running a non-profit theater company that gobbled up my hours like a hungry kid at a holiday cookie fest.  I wanted to keep working in my studio and was beginning to lose touch with my creative side, so I made myself a deal…

I would create little art-books for 10 minutes each day.

I have to say that creating those little lovelies kept me sane, especially when I was in the thick of directing shows. It became my daily meditation.

Here are some of the books I made. Just ten minutes a day. A few of the books took a week or more to make, but I knew for 10 glorious minutes a day I would be creating art.  I love these books which reflect back to me where I was psychologoically at the time. Each one is  an oasis of humorous insights. 

So, go for it.

Give yourself ten minutes a day and if you don’t know where to start, check out at my article from last week's blog... Five Ways To Be Creative When You Don't Know Where To Begin 

And let’s get this show rolling, shall we?

With Love, SweetArts, as always.