Hope is a Luna Moth In All Her Glory

I recently saw a cartoon.

In the first frame, a little brown seed in the ground thinking: “Well this is nice and warm and comfortable.”

Second frame, seed starting to push out a new sprout. Caption: “Ouch, OUUUCCH, this is so painful, stop!!”

Third frame, seed is now above ground as a tiny two-leafed-green plant. Caption: “HUH.”

Doesn’t this just say it all? Transformations…. can be so painful!

Last week I watched a video of a Luna Moth coming out of her chrysalis. OUCH! It looked so painful, she struggled and struggled, she would not give up, she let go of her caterpillar self and emerged as a gorgeous Luna Moth. She just inspired the heck out of me.  

She reminded me that human transformations are often just as hard to push through, we have to let go of something before we can go into the next chapter.

This painting is a celebration of transformation… how we change with the cycles of the moon, how we wander like caterpillars along the lines of life’s spiral, how, if we are patient with the pain of our transformation, we can end up like beautiful winged creatures.

That’s why I was inspired to paint this one. “Hope is a Luna Moth in all her Glory” reminds us, that no matter how painful or great the struggle, when we are in transformation, we are on the path to potentially change into dazzling beauty.