Habitual Happiness


Three Creativity Habits

You Can Start Right Now 
That Really Work!

Okay SweetArts, here is a thought worth considering.

Creativity can become a habit.

Some experts say it takes 21 days to form a new habit and some say at least 66 days, but I say, when it comes to creativity it takes a lot less time because anything we create is just so darn compelling.

Soooo, here’s what I suggest…give yourself the gift of doing something creative everyday for seven days in a row. It may not become a habit, but it will become a healthy obsession that can easily turn into a habit in no time.

And here’s a good place to start.

Create A Place For Your Brilliant Ideas  

Find a little notebook, spiral bound, that you can stuff into your purse with a pen that slides through the spiral.

This will be your Idea Book. It is indispensable. You will soon see just how important it is to have this little book.

Write down ANY ideas you think of during the day. A book idea, or an idea for a fund raiser, or an idea for a creative way to approach that thorny problem at work, or a painting idea, a cool knitting project, or maybe you hear a great tune in your head and it needs lyrics. Go for it!

When you give your ideas a place to live, they will visit you often. Don’t make any judgements, just write them all down.  Kind of like a brainstorming session, but all inside your little book. At the end of three days go through them. See what gems your fabulous creative mind came up with, put a star next to the ones that are especially good. At the end of the week see if any of these ideas motivate you into action.  

Rise and Shine 

Wake up 30 minutes early tomorrow morning. Get out of bed and brush your teeth. Do 10 minutes of yoga, 10 minutes of reading a book that inspirers you and 10 minutes of sketching or writing.

Just three tens, and you will be amazed at how this jump-starts your creative-mind first thing in the morning.

Water Your Creativity 

Drink lots of water. 
Yeah, hydrate during the day. Keep water by your desk and drink it. A well-hydrated brain works a lot better than one looking for the nearest watering hole.
Believe me, this one is so obvious and yet so powerful. I use it all the time. When I get feeling stuck creatively, I reach for the glass of water.
Just three things, and this will make big changes in your creative life.

Well heck, when you think about it…this has the potential to change EVERYTHING in your life.

Just remember…
Idea Book, don't leave the house without it.
Rise Early and give yourself three-tens and...
Water that brilliant mind of yours.

Forming habits that make us habitually happy is always worth the effort.

Let me know what you're thinking...I always love hearing from you!



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Okay SweetArts, that's a wrap.

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Have a creative week and remember SweetArts, only you can turn your life into a creative masterpiece by the habits you form. Go forth, and shine on!