Drawn In

Get drawn into your dream…

My sweetheart says,” A good house has a solid foundation.” Richard is a builder so he knows exactly what he’s talking about. He sees the good houses sitting on well-built foundations last the longest and need the least number of repairs through the years.

I’m putting art classes together for the spring time and I know that best place for any beginning artist or creative is to start with a strong foundation... and the foundation of all visual-fine-art is drawing.

Learn to draw well and you will have a foundation for your dream projects to grow because, when you think of it, almost everything starts on paper, as an idea, and the better you can translate your dream into an image, the clearer the ideas make themselves known.

So… get drawn into your dream life.

Bring your ideas into reality!

And do it as soon as you can,

because the world needs YOUR creativity!