Every Woman Is A Queen


I painted this portrait of Queen Elizabeth the First a few years ago. I use it to remind me that every woman is a queen, born with amnesia, now waking up.

The Me Too and Time’s Up movement has been a tidal wave of change crashing on the shores of our amnesia.

Women are changing the world with every thought we have, every belief we hold, every song we sing, every play we write, every social media post we make.........

We are changing the world by opening shops and running online businesses.

We are changing the world every time we say to one of our children, “Play fair, be nice, reach out, stand strong and tell the truth.”

We change the world every time we pick up a grandchild and kiss the top of her fabulous head.

We change the world when we pray and meditate, when we cook a meal and haul in wood for the woodstove.


We change the WHOLE GAME when we say no to being treated poorly and yes to the ones who value and respect us.

We are changing the world because, dear women, we are queens dressed like commoners, waking up from hundreds of years of amnesia, and we are saying yes to our royal, beautiful, feminine power.

The Kingdom is shaking itself free from the tyranny of the past.

We are giving birth to a new world and the labor pains are most intense.

Birthing is hard, long terrifying work.

But we know how to do it.

We know holding a new conscious awareness in our arms and loving it into being is the work we have before us.


Stay strong.

Breathe deeply.

Push hard.

With Love to all women and men who value equality and are changing the world in their own unique ways,

Happy International Women’s Day.