Build An Art Studio In A Bag

Build Your Own Art Studio In A Bag

And Take It Where Ever You Go

Whenever you think about becoming more creative does the nay-sayer, hypercritical, judge-within-you say in that edgy voice you’ve come to dread,

“Oh, that would take up too much room, and cost too much money, and be way too hard to do and besides, I don’t even know where to start.”

Well here’s an idea that will only take up a little room, is under a hundred dollars and gives you a place to start which is not hard at all. Ready?

First, find yourself a canvas bag. My bag is over a dozen years old and still going strong.

Of course, you may already have something around that would work perfectly. When I built my first Art-Studio-In-A-Bag, back when I was in my teen years, I used a strong paper grocery bag. (Not very pretty and didn’t hold up well, but it worked for a cash-starved student.) The recycled grocery bags you can buy for a dollar would work great and last awhile.  So you can really use anything, I just like how rugged my canvas bag is and all the little compartments and pockets come in handy.

Now on to art supplies…

Get online and go to Blick’s Art Supplies.  The links are here for you. I’ve use Dick Blick’s for years and they are an excellent and affordable source for any artist and yes, I’m an affiliate which means I get a few cents for every dollar you spent which goes directly back into new class creation.

Koi Watercolor Box  (I use the 24 color box)

Micron pens (I buy these in packs of threes: fine tip, medium tip and bold tip but you can buy them separately.)

Small pads of water color paper

Sketch book… any size you want as long as it fits into the bag

  • A wad of paper towels
  • A few extra watercolor brushes
  • A little pencil sharpener
  • Spiral notebook
  • Two granola bars and an apple
  • Your smart-phone or camera

As soon as your package arrives in the mail, dive in.

Oh joy! It’s a new day!

The Creative Spirit is so happy you’ve ordered her special tools. She is just cooing in your ear. After all these years I still love getting a box from Blicks and always open it with happy anticipation.

Now, move your wondrous art supplies out of the delivery box and into the bag. Although you may need to clean your Studio-In-A-Bag from time to time, this is where all of your supplies reside so you never have to go looking for them anywhere, and you can keep this studio in your closet or near the kitchen table or by the front door ready for a quick get-away when the Creative Spirit strikes.

Your small investment in supplies (most likely well under a hundred dollars) will yield such high returns. You’ll not only have hours and hours of learning how to draw as you explore your interior world, but also you’ll be creating your life as you would like to live it.  Pretty heady stuff.

So have fun, get the materials ordered and get ready to start your next chapter in the story of your one wild and precious life. 

If you are on a complete shoestring:

          Certainly you have a bag somewhere in your house that you can use, get your sketchbook in town along with a little pencil sharpener ... and your spiral notebook at the grocery store. I imagine you have a couple of pencils with decent erasers on them, get only one micron pen. You can still do all the lessons with just the bare minimum. And you’ll still have a grand time doing it because, my dear Creative, art is for everyone, no matter what age, no matter what income, no matter what geography… our human purpose is to be creative. 

An  affiliate of Blick’s Art Supplies.