When Young Energy Collides With Old Ways.

Things can get a little wild in the new studio. It’s as if this new space is so filled with its own youthful energy that my old ways can’t keep up. 

I’m so filled with ideas when I’m here that I had to put a twin mattress on the far wall just so I can stop and take a rest on occasion. Whew.

I’m flying straight into the realm of possibility and, as James Brown once crooned…I feeeeeel good.

I’m tricking my critical mind into submission.------------------

Well, maybe I should say, my monkey-mind is so totally distracted with creative play that it can’t chatter it’s critical B.S. in my ear. Hmm, seems as soon as I moved into this place, I left monkey-mind at the door. There’s just no room in here for such nonsence.

These may not be the best paintings in the world, but they are mighty fine little studies of what I was feeling at the moment of creating them. I'm painting these little darlings every night. They are beginning to pile up and they definitely have something to say to me about light, and color, and what’s really on the horizon in all its metaphorical beauty.  

How simple... a line across the canvas and then painting the sky above and the land below, and many times a tiny white moon appears or speck of orange to represent the setting sun. These are like little Haiku messages tapped from deep within my old psyche.

It’s magical, really, to listen so deeply to one's own self while integrating new energy into the old ways.