How Do You Like Them Apples?

Our apple tree is close to 40 years old. We planted that little apple-stick in the ground when we were in our early twenties and now we’re what we would have considered back then as being old. (Funny how our perspective changes as we age) Anyway, every other year we get a lovely crop of organic, gorgeous apples from our tree.

I bring them in and gently roll them across the kitchen counter. They make that thud of ripe apple as they tumble out of my hands and the aroma is a symphony of scents. The house fills with the taste and tang of autumn. That tree, this season, these apples are the perfect elixir for what is to come. Oh shutter the thought of winter, but alas, if we have a basket of apples in the cellar, then we have a container full of autumn brilliance to sustain us.