The Whole Moon.

Friday night was the evening we celebrated Halloween in Wolfeboro because on Oct. 31 the whole town and surrounding area had no power after a wind storm blew in and took down much of the New Hampshire power grid with gusto.

My grandson and I were holding hands as we walked up south Main Street after a successful night of trick-or-treating when a moment of enchantment overcame us as he looked up and noticed the sky. “Mimi LOOK, the WHOLE moon is there. I’ve never really seen the WHOLE moon before.”

I asked him what he thought of it and in a small whispered voice he said. “It’s beautiful.” And then we squeezed each other’s hand.

For me, these seemingly small-moments of pure joy add up over a lifetime: like the night I saw my first firefly, or the time I walked across the Millennial Bridge, arm and arm with my sweetheart toward the Globe Theater in London, or the morning after our first daughter was born and she was sleeping in the arms of my husband who had rocked her for hours so that I could sleep.

They say when you die your whole life flashes before you. I think it’s probably the small moments that shake you one last time and whisper a quiet good-bye as they leave your heart. Maybe I’m wrong about this, but when I look back at my life, it’s the small moments all added up that make for a big life experience.

I know the one on Friday night will be held right next to the other ones for a long, long time. My mom used to say it, and my grandmother did too… It’s the small things in life that really count.

That’s a good thing to remember whenever we look up at the "whole-moon."