The Voice Within

When I was young, I read a lot about finding stuff, like…finding my purpose, searching for my passion, seeking out the big dream. I went from book, to magazine article, and back to books again (there was no internet in those days) looking for the thing that I was told was missing until I finally realized one day, while I was painting, that life is not about FINDING anything.

I was 23 years old, and I realized that I was not lost, and that the labyrinth we call confusion is an illusion propagated by an industry that thrived on me being confused and feeling lost as I looked for the missing purpose, passion and dream of which people spoke.

And then a really big realization came a few months later, after I started meditating in earnest. I realized that I had whatever I needed inside me. All I had to do was go in there to hear the quiet voice that seemed to know everything that was important.

That voice told me to read great literature, if I wanted to understand human nature with deeper insight. She guided me to art and music and poetry. The voice commanded me to climb mountains, and swim in rivers and to think more deeply than broadly. She asked that I bring her certain things like memorized verses and quotes from the great thinkers and then she delivered me a crowning glory.

She said… “Create. Something. Everyday.”

That’s when I realized I didn’t need to find the life I wanted … I needed to create it.