The Art Of Gratitude

I cleaned out my closet yesterday, I needed to trade summer and fall for winter and the cotton t-shirts got stored in the back while the wool sweaters came forward to take center stage. I like cleaning out closets and drawers this time of year because it’s like going within and trading some old thoughts for new realizations. At least making the space for it so that I might inspire a little Ah-Ha moments.

This time of year, whenever I rummage around my interior life, I find gratitude in every nook and cranny and corner of my psyche. I am one fortune-kissed-soul and I feel it when I first rise in the morning until I close my eyes at night.

I’m grateful for food, shelter, warmth, love, life, health, humans and animals I adore. I’m grateful for art, music and writing; a camera, a car, a scrap of land to call my own and a community of big-hearted people. I’m so grateful to be literate and educated, and aging, and growing, and evolving.

I found this quote recently by a writer named William Arthur Ward, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it away.”

So let me be totally clear… to quote the Bard… with a little change here and there, but with my arms thrown wide to the sky … Let me Hallo your name to the reverberate hills and cry out… Grat-i-tude! 

I’m so very, very, grateful for you, dear Website Friends, who have taken the time to read these blogs and then taken more time to leave me a comment.  

Sending you love and gratitude,