On The Horizon

My new series: On The Horizon

Wow, look at these paintings. They are all small mostly 6x6 and I am doing them for two reasons.

One is to paint past my thinking brain. The analytical side of my mind often trips me up. I get going on a painting and feel like I’m flowing along when suddenly my thoughts start to creep in and I get flummoxed with composition, perspective, color-theory… contrast. I ask myself… what makes a painting good? What makes a painting good enough to be bad? What makes a painting? I get stalled with all my training and my art education stands right in the way blocking my intuition like a bully with her arms crossed eyeing my vulnerability.


 I got a plan, I said to myself, do four small paintings a night. That’s fast painting. I just keep going even when I think it’s awful. I keep putting in the time and I keep my paintbrush moving forward.

 My second reason.

I love to experiment, but wow, that can get expensive, especially when the experiment turns out bad. And sometimes that holds me back. So I thought… go small, go wild, get experimental, take whatever it takes to get to that place of sheer flow again.

And so I have.

Here are a couple of my paintings from my new series On The Horizon.