Getting My Woo-Woo On


I have been known to woo the creative spirit in some pretty unique ways.        

In my theater years I used to brew tea and bake scones just to encourage Will Shakespeare to visit the studio whenever I was adapting his work for the stage. He even had an empty chair right beside mine so he could have a place to sit whenever he visited.

For the book I wrote back in 2000, I got up every morning at 5:00 a.m. which, if you know me, is totally out of character, and I asked the Goddess-Of-The-Written-Word to grace my crack-of-dawn-keyboard.

For a while I invited Isadora Duncan and Twyla Thorpe to help me choreograph dances by hanging scarves around the studio. I know, I’m even beginning to see just how nuts I can be sometimes, but whatever it takes...

And it’s no different now, I may not be brewing tea, or getting up at 5:00 a.m. or draping scarves around but I have filled my studio with tubes of the finest paint and stretchers of blank canvas and am playing just the right music and burning a little incense to lure the Muse-of-The-Painter into my new realm.

This is how I work, and you know what? It seems to work, every single time.

Before laughing at my odd ways ask yourself this. What do I use to woo my dreams into being?

When I was young, I took a metaphor to heart and actually walked across a foot  bridge just to get to the other side before making a huge move across the country. At the time I was plagued with “what ifs?” What if I made the wrong move? What if I couldn’t come back? I was literally drowning in “what If’s” and then I remembered something my grandmother used to say, “You just cross that bridge when you get to it.” I guess you could say I crossed that bridge when I got to it and it was the best bridge I ever crossed because it led me to the love of my life.

So what are you doing to get your woo-woo on?