Food, Glorious Food

Yesterday around 4:00 in the afternoon I felt the weather change and I knew I had to go out and harvest the rest of the garden and the more tender things in the greenhouse.

So I plucked and pulled, and cut and carried four arm-loads of vegetables into the kitchen and then went back out to the greenhouse and took in the smell of soil and the sweetness of life. I wanted to thank the tomato plants and the bean vines, the leeks, and celery and red peppers for hanging in there with us all the way until November 9th. Oh, there are plenty of hardy greens still out there to be harvested until well into January, but the more tender things are now in my fridge.

Eating fresh-from-the-garden-produce from middle June until November turns us into foodies-of-the-highest-order. I feel like we eat better than any royalty, better than any gourmet chef… when it gets right down to it, we eat better than anything money can buy.

This year the elements conspired to make it one of the best gardening seasons ever, we haven’t bought a vegetable in four months and well, maybe I can get another seven days of fresh eating from these lovelies but then the party’s over. On to the next season which includes long nights of drinking hot tea, reading books around the woodstove and dreaming of next year’s garden.