First Snow


                                     Winter’s Haiku…

                             Open my mouth wide 

                          To capture snowflakes on tongue

                            Transformed by winter


We were only supposed to get a flurry of flakes, not much accumulation, just a smattering of white here and there.

And it snowed all day. And it stuck to the ground. And quite frankly, it rattled my cage.  I didn’t even want to go outside, so I didn’t until just before dark so that I could capture a snowflake on my tongue, because that’s what I do at the first sign of winter. I take it into my body, just a tiny speck of what’s to come and then I step back inside and let my little-mind freak-out because I am not a winter kind of girl.

But then I relax, I take a deep breath and let it out slowly. I suit up and go into the snowy, dark cold and find the pleasure in it. Oh it’s there alright, and once I find it (and it’s not easy) I’m renewed.

I find that I calm back down whenever I go straight into whatever it is that’s bothering me. I see it for what it is, and you know what? It’s never as bad as I conjured it to be. Funny the way life can jerk us around, or give us a smooth ride just by thinking.  Shakespeare tells us, “… for there is nothing that is good or bad, but that thinking makes it so.”

Now, that’s a good thing to remember when the first day of cold, snow hits us right in the face.