Drawn In: More Thoughts On Creating A Good Life

May I be so bold as to say, the best way to get yourself where you want to be, which we all figure out once we start giving attention to what matters, is to, as I said yesterday in my post … Create, Something, Every Day. 

Let me be more specific.

Get a little pad of drawing paper and a couple of micron pens and draw a little something.

You may say, “I don’t know how to draw.”

I say, it doesn’t matter, because you’ll soon find out that you can draw yourself out of nothing and into something. Stick figures, lopsided portraits, little bumpy mountains… it doesn’t matter, whatever you draw is really drawing you. So be quite, take ten minutes and draw a little something.

Then ask yourself, how’d that feel? On the next day do it again.

Draw your way into your lovely psyche and see what it has to say. Be kind enough to listen to the drawing and then, turn the page and make another one. Pretty soon you’ll see that all the little doodles and line drawings and stick figures are telling you something about yourself.

Learn to read the signs, get so you understand your heart, you are not looking for something lost, but rather you are creating a space for something that’s lived inside you since you became you, and that something is your meaning.

Remember what I talked about yesterday, the futility of always searching?

Creating space and a language for meaning gives you a far deeper understanding of your life than pasting someone else’s idea of purpose, passion and big dreams onto the top of your poor, beleaguered heart.

So, Dear Arts, we know it’s all there inside us we just have to go and ask for guidance, and then work it out on our little pad of drawing paper. So go ahead get drawn in…I guarantee this works!

With Love.

PS If you do this, I mean really do this…I would LOVE to see the results! Leave a comment here. Or email me at janhcroteau@roadrunner.com  I promise I’ll get back to you.