A Room Of One's Own

Virginia Woolf made quite a statement when she said… “In order to write (or create), a woman must have two things… “A room of her own and enough money to support herself.”

These past few days, after several months of building, my husband and I finished my new studio and now I have a “room of one’s own.” Not that this is my first.


I have always had studios. This is my fourth one. My husband was well aware, when he married me, that I would be needing…not wanting, NEEDING a studio in which to create my life.

Having a studio has kept me sane through the years of raising children, kept me vibrantly alive as I wrote stories and adapted plays, painted canvas and choreographed dances. I ran a non-profit theater company from my studio… I also designed a line of jewelry, wove tapestries on floor looms, and studied Shakespeare. This place I call my studio holds the wonder of the creative force which seems to course through my veins with abandon.

When all is wrong with the world, all is right in my studio.

And now this gorgeous new space which holds the promise of my Third Act to be every bit as productive as Act One and Two, only this time, I have years of experience to inform my art as wisdom awaits my words and pushes me to paint every day.  

This new studio is itself a work of art. Built using the timber from our own land, it feels like a tree house. I’m on the second floor and my windows look out at the vegetable garden and green house, a wild apple tree and two stately oaks, a grassy expanse that spreads itself toward the woods.

I think Virginia would be pleased that her concept of “a room of one’s own” has taken root in the psyche of women artists everywhere. I, for one, have taken her words to heart since I read them many decades ago. The way I see it, having a room to call our own is an absolute necessity for all creatives…the world is a far better place whenever a woman has “a room of her own and enough money to support herself.”