One Less Than a Pair

Number Two in the series “Food For Thought"                  Title: One Less Than a Pair

Acrylic on Canvas

    The other day I wanted to loosen up. I wanted some energy to flow into my work, so I grabbed a paint brush and started messing around. Whenever I’ve taught beginning drawing classes, my students usually start really small and detailed and get frustrated when their drawings don’t “turn out perfect.”

    “That’s fantastic,” I say, “frustration is fuel for the artist to keep creating.” In their angst they start to get bigger and bolder, frustration breaks the cycle of looking at things with what I call Shallow-Eyes. When we look through Shallow-Eyes we only see the surface of things and rarely peak within to see the flow, the poetry and the life energy vibrating within every cell.

When we break the habit of Shallow-Eye-Looking, we make a break-through. We catch a glimpse of the Divine in the world that surrounds us.

Frustration for an artist is part of the gig. I mean, really, a blank canvas can be daunting at times, but that’s a big part of the draw. When we are fully present with our painting, we paint toward break-throughs. We see with every painting or drawing what we could not see with our Shallow-Eyes.

That’s what art teaches us…to look not only on the surface of things, but to feel the heart beat within. 

With Love SweetArts,

Jan H