All Fired Up

I’m pretty fired up here.

When I was a little kid, running around our neighborhood in Southern California with my best friend Gail, we would stop sprinting, on occasion, and between hard breaths she would yell, “Ya still wanna be an artist?” And I’d yell back “Oh, YEAH!!!” And she would yell, “MEEEEE TOOOOO.” And off we’d run.

I can’t remember why that phrase was such a motivation for the two of us, but it was. 

You see, we found each other in kindergarten.  When the rest of the kids were taking their naps on cotton stuffed mats on the classroom floor, Gail and I were working on our art projects, which the teacher let us do if we were “quiet as mice” in the back of the room.

Wise woman.  She knew better than to keep two artists from their work.

So, here I am moving through my sixties with wild abandon, coming off of a great life in the performing arts and living life as a painter/entrepreneur and I still use that boisterous phrase for motivation whenever the ride gets a little bumpy. Inside my head, I’ll hear the call… “Ya still wanna be an artist?” And I say out loud, “Oh, YEAH!!!” And it gets me going.

Now, I had to learn a lot of stuff to get myself to this place. Oh dahlin, just so much stuff. My mind spins with the sheer audacity I had 18 months  ago when I decided to take matters into my own hands and take command of building and running my own website and building my own career as a painter/writer.

(And I thought building a new house was ambitious.)

All the paintings you see here are now available as originals on my site. From now on I paint and I post. I have works on paper, that can be rolled and mailed to you anywhere, I have large canvases that I can packed and ship to you, I have Small Wonders that are under $100 and make fabulous gifts, and I am in my studio five days a week…

Still being an artist!

Oh Yeah!



PS  Dahlins, do you have friends who love art? I would be more than grateful if you shared this with them.