Winter Sticks

Title: Winter Sticks

India Ink on Yupo Paper


Winter Sticks is a play on words. After I painted this, I not only realized that the winter trees look like sticks against the full moon… but also, I think of the way winter sticks with us for a long time here in the northeast. I painted this just as we were heading toward the Winter Solstice. The sky was full of candor, the night promised we’d be together for eternity, and I was gazing out my studio window with thoughts of warmer climates and the smell of soft eucalyptus trees.

You see, that’s been my default reverie for years. I used to spend the first few weeks of winter fighting it. I’d clear my car of snow and ice while muttering colorful expletives, I’d trudge through snow just to dump my vegetables scraps into the compost bin beyond the frozen garden gate, and it seemed like the days were only ten minutes long before the sun slipped behind the horizon line. 

Winter Solstice used to hound me like a bad dream. I couldn’t get used to the cold. And here I was living in New England, of all places, struggling in a way that few natives could fathom.

And then something beautiful happened.

I started painting the bleakness of winter and all my drawings and paintings, when viewed from a distance, illuminated the soulful quality of winter’s quiet. Winter shows me the way to enter my own depths and walk the inner path of light to bring home the flame of insight that eludes me in the months when everything sparkles with life.

So now, let me just say it…winter sticks with me like the old friend, the friend I am to myself. My inner journey reveals all its treasures and here I am sitting in the quiet, inhaling every sweet soundless moment of the season. Now I love winter, well, let me be completely honest, I am much more fond of the cold season because it gives me time to listen to me.

Happy Solstice Dear Ones, enjoy the way Winter Sticks, and I will too, at least until I need to shovel it away from my door.