The Art Of Love

One thing I know for sure is that love is an art and it can last a lifetime.

I’ve seen it happen. I bet you have too. I had grandparents who stayed in love for over 60 years. I mean real love. Even as a kid I knew they had something special and as I grew older I came to admire their steadfast romance. They never said a word about their marriage, never sat me down and explained all the ways you can stay in love and all the ways you can fall out of love, they just showed me how it could be done.

And then one day in my early twenties I came to realize something very important about love…

When we were young, I was gazing at my husband across a table in a café on a Saturday afternoon, his hand gently placed over my own, and it hit me that love is a verb, an action word, which implies you need to act to keep love alive.

Love needs tending, like a beautiful garden, with kind words and sweet gestures and late night talks and early morning kisses. There is an art to staying in love. The one thing we can be sure of is that when we give each other time and attention most every worry, real and imagined, falls to the wayside.

I painted these cherries as a reminder of  how important it is to give each other attention and time. To romance our love and appreciate our friendship. That’s one of the benefits of living with art. It reminds us to stay connected to the world of beauty and the things that sing true to our hearts.