Out On Limb

Yeah, I’ve been there. I know you have too. Out on a limb is kind of scary. You’re hanging on for dear life, hoping that the limb is not too scrawny to support your dream, the thing that you have held fast against all odds. But you’re starting to get ripe, like this bold little apple and if something does not come along and give you support, well, you know the consequences.

 The one thing to remember when you’re hanging out on a limb for dear life is to take a look around at all the other courageous apples doing the same thing. I'm not alone and neither are you. I think it was Goethe who said, “Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

So be bold, be genius, hang on and let the magic come.  

Food For Thought,  Jan H Croteau Art, Where Every Painting Tells  A Story